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How Was Your Day Love?

Posted on May 21, 2015
By Elayne Greeley

I find myself thinking in metaphors a great deal. Its geeky and amusing and how my mind works and wanders. As a partnership broker I get stuck pretty often and when I arrive home at the end of the day I'm not sure how to answer the affectionate question: "How was your day love?" On bad days I summarize it with a grrr and tiger paws and on great days I profess my brilliance. But what do I say on 99% of the time? Well I'm useless and want a nap.

Welder or deep sea diver

After a particularly frustrating meeting today I happened upon this image of my daughter. I laughed, was charmed and realized that it just about said it all. You've got to explore the practice and try out all the gear. You think you are going for a swim but you might need to pull on your welding goggles and fix the tub.

As my ability to think adaptively grows I notice myself  filling my tool box with new gear. It's an endless seeking of new questions, processes to get the job done. I get STUCK quite often and simply crafting new questions to come at the situation differently can do the trick of stretching my thinking further. Today I didn't need welding goggles or a snorkel but I might have needed a magic 8 ball or follow your own adventure novel. I think it would be fun to summarize my day with a career metaphor. Knowing that I can always find new directions to move forward replaces the awful STUCK feeling with an expanding s--t--r--e--t--c--h.

"Family, today I piloted the Oceanex tankers into St. John's harbour."

Collective Impact

Elayne Greeley

By Elayne Greeley

Elayne Greeley is a community developer and partnership facilitator through the Community Career and Employment Partnership (

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