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How The Community and Local Businesses Can Benefit From Each Other

Posted on February 28, 2015
By Brandon Howard

Local communities and businesses can greatly benefit from each other in a number of different ways. Often times I have noticed a business that is more involved in its local community, also has more value. I am not speaking of monetary value, but referencing the perceived value to the community as a partner. Reaching out to create partnerships among community organizations is not only a responsibility of a local businesses, but also of the community and or organization.Do you remember the days when local businesses supported youth and adult sports team? As a way of showing local support, businesses would put their logo on the local teams jerseys. This always provides a benefit to both the community partner, and the local business.


How Businesses Can Help The Community

In Clermont, FL we have a local Chick-fil-A restaurant that fosters a number of community out reach functions. They do a fantastic job of demonstrating the importance of community relations and involvement. They are very creative in their approach to community relations efforts. They offer a percentage of sales to local organizations on various nights of the week. Not only does this provide fundraising efforts for local partners, it demonstrates how businesses can benefit the community. It is obvious this is a very important part of their strategic business plan.

Our local winery is another great example of great community involvement. They have wine tastings often. They invite other local businesses to showcase their items also. This collaboration not only helps the winery, but also bolsters relations with other local businesses that in turn benefit the community.

Lastly, we have a local Contracting service that provides their expertise at no charge. They assist local families with being able to have a new home at a low cost. This is a strong example as to how a local business can benefit their community. I feel that businesses being involved with their community is a foundational attribute to local success. I feel like companies that do not promote community involvement efforts, will only have limited success. True success comes when local businesses determine multiple ways that they can benefit their communities. I encourage you to be very creative in your approach to community relations. Do not only look at the ways a community can benefit your business. Always consider how your business will benefit the community. With this approach, your business success is inevitable.

Great Ways To Help The Community

Here are a number of common ways businesses can help their local community.

  • Sponsoring Youth Sports Teams 
  • Helping Feed The Homeless 
  • Participating In Local Field Trips To Your Business 
  • Helping out with local education, reach out to school administrators is a great way to start.

In conclusion, there are many ways businesses and local communities can collaborate. It is an important method for both the business to increase revenue, and for the community and organization to increase effectiveness of what their mission is. The next step is to just reach out to a business owner or local organization. Conversation is the best route to come up with a creative and amazing way to help out your local area.

Community Engagement

Brandon Howard

By Brandon Howard

Brandon Howard is an education professional and a writer with Bisk Education that manages The University of Scranton’s Online Resource articles. Brandon writes specifically on topics related to Principals.

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