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How Strong is Your Website? | An Online Tool

Posted on January 25, 2016
By Megan Wanless

Community engagement for the next generation calls for a re-thinking around the who, what, where, how and why of sharing information, uncovering unheard voices and collaborating with your constituency. Knowing who your audience is and what spaces they occupy is key to ensuring your engagement efforts are fully optimized.

Today, the spaces where ideas are most freely expressed, where voices speak loudest and where previously unheard perspectives rise up to challenge our thinking, is increasingly taking place on the web. In fact, Canada has the second highest number of internet users in the world (86%), second only to the UK at 87% and followed by Germany at 84%. Even more amazing is that Canada has the highest social media network penetration in the world.  82% of Canadians use a social network compared to 75% of Americans.

Build credibility online | A Tool

If you want to make sure your organization doesn't miss the boat on engaging in online spaces, a good place to start is taking a look at your website. 50% of people now report that website design is their number one criteria for determining a company or organization's credibility.

Website Grader is an incredible tool to help you do this. By simply typing in your URL and email address, it will assess your website for free and provide you with tons of great information regarding your website performance, mobile-accessibility, SEO, security and then provides you with next steps.


Hope you enjoy the tool!

Community Innovation

Megan Wanless

By Megan Wanless

Megan is a Senior Community Animator at the Tamarack Institute and works across the organization to improve and deepen the learning experience for over 27,000 members within Tamarack’s learning communities and online platforms. Having worked with Tamarack for over 5 years, Megan oversees key strategic areas for the organization including strategic learning, content production and events. Prior to Tamarack, Megan worked in the field of international development, earning a Master of Social Science degree from the University of Edinburgh and worked in Malawi to engage with communities around sexual and reproductive rights using applied theatre. With a Bachelor Arts Degree in Theatre, Megan has been leveraging theatre as a tool for community change for many years and has had the pleasure of practicing it in communities within Canada as well as South Africa, Uganda and Malawi.

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