Engaging and Celebrating Canada's Volunteers

Posted on April 21, 2020
By the Tamarack Institute
National Volunteer Week

April 19 – 25, 2020 is National Volunteer Week in Canada. It is an opportunity to applaud, thank and celebrate the contributions of millions of volunteers who annually donate their time and services to support community causes. This year will be different. Communities won’t be able to host recognition events and gatherings because of COVID-19. The theme of National Volunteer Week is even more important: it’s time to applaud this country’s volunteers.

The COVID pandemic has not stopped Canadians from volunteering. Harold, Mary Lyn and the team from the Volunteer Centre of St. Lawrence-Rideau were overwhelmed with volunteers when the City of Brockville asked local citizens and agencies to assist in getting groceries and other essentials to elderly residents in the community.

Jason Baker, the Brockville Mayor said “We would like to thank all of the organizations who stepped up to answer the call, as well as the many individuals who reached out to offer their assistance. There were a number of elements to consider and obstacles to overcome, and by connecting multiple organizations and businesses to each other all of the pieces of the puzzle were able to come together. We really are Community Strong and I’m proud to be part of such a giving community.”

If you or your organization want to recognize the contributions of volunteers in your community, visit the Volunteer Canada – National Volunteer Week website for ideas, resources and tools . It’s time to applaud this country’s volunteers.

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