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Energy Bites: Brain Food for Thinking Together

Posted on June 4, 2016
By Rachel Gainer

Last April, my colleagues hosted Champions for Change in Halifax, Nova Scotia – a three-day Collective Impact gathering – and brought back with them a delicious recipe that I can say, with confidence, is now a staple for many of us. These Energy Bites were provided as a special treat during the event that helped to fuel participants' energy through their intense learning experience. Since then, my dear friend and colleague Sylvia Cheuy has brought these yummy treats to team meetings for the Tamarack Team to enjoy and we do exactly that! Not one Energy Bite remains by the end of the day.

In Paul Born's book Community Conversations, he talks about food's important role in our efforts to work collaboratively. If some of our most memorable familial gatherings are around food, why not infuse your community change gatherings with food as well? These Energy Bites are full of healthy and tasty ingredients, and are the perfect brain food for thinking together. Added bonus: They are quick and easy to make too!

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I don't know about you, but I fall victim to the 3pm energy crash most days. Between a few too many cups of reheated coffee, back to back meetings, and managing multiple priorities, the work of community change can be a marathon. If you have ever run a marathon (I have not, but it's on my bucket list!), you know that fueling your energy along the way with convenient but nutritious nourishment is critical. Why should community change be any different?

Rachel Gainer, Community Innovation

Rachel Gainer

By Rachel Gainer

Rachel brings private sector know-how to Tamarack and is our newest Director of Engagement where she combines emerging technologies, generative learning and a results-driven approach to deepen engagement for Tamarack's nearly 20,000 learners.

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