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Collective Impact, Voltran and The Borg

Posted on November 3, 2016
By Ikem Opara


Collective impact: Voltron Vs. The Borg? Yes, you read the question right. I take no credit at all for this title or the truly stellar piece of writing and metaphor that it introduces.

These words and opinions, from blogger Vu Le (@nonprofitwballs) are probably the best explanation of the key concepts of collective impact I have come across. I may be biased given the significant role Voltron: Defender of the Universe played in my early childhood development.

Voltron was one of the major places I learned about team work, collaboration, individual responsibility and what five robot lions can achieve when they come together and form a giant butt kicking robot with a gigantic sword. However, this is not about my childhood.

I like to think about our human existence on this planet as a really big collective impact initiative where the goal is to come together to make this world a better place for us all. Vu’s recent blog – Collective impact: Voltron Vs. The Borg – is required reading since you are part of the human collective. Also, if you happen to be reading this from Romulus or anywhere in the Delta Quadrant, heed Vu’s words below and don’t be like the Borg.

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Collective Impact

Ikem Opara

By Ikem Opara

Ikem is the Strategy Lead, Connected People at the Ontario Trillium Foundation.

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