Building a Common Agenda for Collective Impact

Posted on September 30, 2019
By Elle Richards

Common AgendaA common agenda is a common understanding of the problem and a shared vision for change. It is a necessary component of Collective Impact and an important consideration in the development of a poverty reduction strategy that requires an ongoing process of community engagement.

An expressed challenge within the Cities Reducing Poverty learning community early on is often how to get to a common agenda for Collective Impact.

The guide, Foundations for Building a Common Agenda, was developed with this in mind; to support communities in understanding the process and ingredients to move from building the energy to developing a community-wide common agenda. Importantly, this guide draws on real-life experiences of Cities Reducing Poverty members who have progressed through these early phases with success and utilizes their own tools where possible.

This guide was produced to provide an overview, with examples, to help organizers and collaboratives at the early stage of poverty reduction work:

  • Understand a proven engagement process in order to develop an informed and sustainable community plan
  • Identify milestones and actions to help track progress
  • Access a compendium of resources that can guide through the process of achieving these milestones

The guide also provides key principles, or tips, to consider when laying these foundations, to set communities up  for success ahead of implementing a community plan.

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Elle Richards

By Elle Richards

Elle has joined the Vibrant Communities team as Manager of Cities, Cities Reducing Poverty. Her experience spans corporate, academic, health and community environments, and working on national, regional and local programs of work, both strategically and operationally. In recent years, Elle has focused her work around issues of food security, poverty and inequalities in health.

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