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10 Things Vibrant Communities - Cities Reducing Poverty Will Offer in 2019

Posted on January 14, 2019
By Alison Homer

people in a conferenceVibrant Communities - Cities Reducing Poverty (VC – CRP) is a national collective impact movement aimed at reducing poverty through the place-based efforts of multi-sector roundtables and the alignment of strategies at the municipal, provincial, territorial, and federal levels. Our primary purpose is to make the work local poverty reduction initiatives easier and more effective.

Our growing network is comprised of 70 CRP members representing more than 330 communities who are each actively working to reduce and eradicate poverty across Canada.

Vibrant Communities supports CRP members with a focus on 4 areas of impact:

  • Growth: Supporting members to grow from concept to sustainability
  • Developing a common agenda and community plan
  • Tracking and reporting on outcomes
  • Achieving financial and leadership sustainability

As our Vibrant Communities team looks ahead to 2019, here are 10 things that we are looking forward to offering CRP members this year:

  • Hosting a national gathering that will bring CRP members and colleagues from across the country together to share stories and experiences, deepen collaboration, foster innovative ideas, and generate momentum on key levers related to poverty reduction across Canada.
  • Providing ongoing targeted one-on-one support via regional Managers of Cities to support CRP members through stages of their initiative’s development. Together, we will set goals, address challenges, and accelerate progress.
  • Connecting CRP members to the deep knowledge and experience at hand via Tamarack’s Expert Coaching Centre. Tamarack Institute Directors will support CRP members to develop common agendas and poverty reduction strategies, track and report on outcomes, and build sustainable leadership and financial health.
  • Convening CRP roundtable members and staff via monthly calls, private webinars, and peer coaching (peer-input-process) sessions. This online series will deepen connections within our network of experienced practitioners, while addressing topics identified by members themselves as pertinent and pressing.
  • Broadcasting live, online webinars that animate and explore process and topic-related ideas, featuring experts and change leaders from across the poverty reduction field.
  • Disseminating the latest news and announcements from the field, delivered straight to your inbox, via our bi-monthly Cities Reducing Poverty e-Magazine and poverty digest.
  • Contributing to the larger public conversation around poverty reduction, and interacting with our learning community of 3,500+ active poverty reduction practitioners via Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn.

As Vibrant Communities moves into full swing in 2019, our team is looking forward to deepening interactions with our CRP convenors and colleagues, stimulating another productive year of co-creation within the network, and continuing the dialogue with our learning community at large.

If you are interested in learning more about becoming a CRP member, reach out to Alison. We would love to hear from you.

Alison Homer, Cities Reducing Poverty, Blog, Poverty Reduction Strategy

Alison Homer

By Alison Homer

As Team Lead and Manager of Cities with Tamarack's Vibrant Communities, Alison provides leadership and drives excellence within Cities Reducing poverty (CRP), a national movement that supports more than 80 members and 300 communities to end poverty across Canada and the USA.

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