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A New Housing Affordability Agenda for Canada: Submission to the National Housing Strategy

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This submission to inform Canada's national housing strategy outlines a set of recommendations that will lead towards real, tangible progress in the short term and lasting change in the housing system. We offer four high-impact and cost-effective solutions that together address a diverse range of needs and help us advance towards our shared vision of housing affordability:

  • Ending homelessness in Canada
  • Making housing more affordable for all Canadians in core housing need and eliminating deep core housing need
  • Increasing the supply and diversity of housing options that are affordable
  • Ensuring the supply and ongoing viability of social housing
These four recommendations are complementary and support other pressing federal policy objectives, such as social inclusion, poverty reduction, and environmental sustainability.
Alison Homer

By Alison Homer

As Team Lead and Manager of Cities with Tamarack's Vibrant Communities, Alison provides leadership and drives excellence within Communities Ending Poverty (previously called Cities Reducing Poverty), a national movement that supports more than 80 members and 300 communities to end poverty across Canada and the USA.