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REPORT | Community Climate Transitions 1-Year Impact Report (2021-2022)
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REPORT | Community Climate Transitions 1-Year Impact Report (2021-2022)

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This resource is also available in French. Click here to access the French version.

As Community Climate Transitions enters its second year, we are reflecting on all that we have achieved thus far and what lies ahead. The 1-Year Impact Report – covering April 2021 to end of March 2022 – dives into our learnings and impact around supporting communities to take bold and collaborative action to usher in a just and equitable climate transition and advance the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs).

We explore how our work has helped connect, strengthen and amplify the efforts of community changemakers across Canada – changemakers who are pushing for climate action, greater equity and community wellbeing through a whole-community approach that makes space for everyone.

This report by Laura Schnurr and Justin Williams includes our Theory of Change, our impacts in advancing climate and equity and localizing the SDGs, how we are bridging English and French communities to build a connected movement, and our visions and plans for the future.

Vibrant Communities

By Vibrant Communities

Vibrant Communities supports cities and local leaders to develop and implement large-scale change initiatives through four learning networks: Ending Poverty, Deepening Community, Building Youth Futures and Climate Transitions. Our belief is that when we are effective in strengthening community capacity to engage citizens, lead collaboratively, deepen community and reduce poverty, our work contributes to the building of peace and more equitable society.

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