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FIELD NOTE | Moving Programs and Practices Online

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During the pandemic organizations are having to rethink how they implement programs and activities. Are face to face meetings, activities and events important to the outcomes? Are there ways that we can move what we do online and still have quality results? A group of 25 people came together to discuss how they have moved their engagement efforts online and shared resources and tools.

Heather Keam

By Heather Keam

Heather works with municipalities and organizations to build strategies that put people at the center using Asset-Based Community Development. With over 22 years of experience in community development, she uses an ABCD approach to center people and belonging in the development of community plans and strategies through coaching and training staff teams, facilitation, and writing about ABCD and Belonging. She has a passion for the power of people and believes that people and communities are the solutions to local problems. She believes that we need to build a sense of community belonging so that people are connected to their community, and their place within it and get involved in decision-making. She also believes that municipalities need to shift the way they show up in community from doing “for” to supporting communities to do themselves.

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