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TOOL | How to Befriend your Nemesis

Collective Impact, Collaborative Leadership, Tools, Community Innovation

“Us” versus “them” is a luxury we cannot afford when we seek solutions to intractable problems. Reframing our perceptions of "the other" is challenging particularly with perspectives we don't understand or trust. However, our capacity to do this enables us to enhance shared wisdom. This tool can be used by individuals or groups to reframe the actions of a perceived nemesis to build greater empathy and understanding.
Sylvia Cheuy

By Sylvia Cheuy

Sylvia is a Consulting Director of the Tamarack Institute’s Collective Impact Idea Area and also supports Tamarack’s Community Engagement Idea Area. She is passionate about community change and what becomes possible when residents and various sector leaders share an aspirational vision for their future. Sylvia believes that when the assets of residents and community are recognized and connected they become powerful drivers of community change. Sylvia is an internationally recognized community-builder and trainer. Over the past five years, much of Sylvia’s work has focused on building awareness and capacity in the areas of Collective Impact and Community Engagement throughout North America.

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