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PAPER | Sometimes to Hear the Music you Have to Turn Down the Noise: A Game-Changer Approach to Poverty Reduction Strategy and Evaluation

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From a poverty reduction perspective, we are inundated with the voices of our clients, our funders and donors, our colleagues, governments at all levels, business leaders and their labour counterparts, and on it goes. And of course, we add our voice to the mix as well. It’s like sitting in a room with 100 people who are all talking about important things but overall the messages in the room are undecipherable.

What we all want to make and listen to is beautiful music with rich melodies and harmonies that move us and inspire us to keep creating, keep singing
together. That’s what this article is about: lessening the noise that envelopes us and increasing our capacity to make music together when it comes to identifying, acting on, and evaluating poverty reduction efforts.

Mark Holmgren

By Mark Holmgren

Mark Holmgren is the Executive Director of the Edmonton Community Development Company and a former Tamarack Director. He is known for his track record in developing social innovations, including the development of Upside Down Thinking, an approach to thinking differently, if not disruptively.

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