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Atlantic Canada has been uniquely positioned during the global Coronavirus outbreak. Among the other provinces in Canada and compared to many nations of the world, they are experiencing relative safety and holding up better than others, both in terms of the spread of the virus and local experience of COVID-mortality. Is it because of the lower population density, leadership in senior healthcare ranks and community participation in mask-wearing and physical distancing? These are important factors but cannot be separated from another strong influencer: social capital.

Jennifer DeCoste

By Jennifer DeCoste

Jennifer is dedicated to work that builds greater resiliency across Atlantic Canada and trusts intuitive, emergent leadership. Jennifer is working to curate an ecosystem for social changemakers in Atlantic Canada with WeavEast: a platform for connecting and working together in a more regionally collaborative way. She is committed, personally and professionally, to amplifying important work that is growing in the Atlantic region and reaching out into the world. Jennifer is also the founder of Life.School.House: a network of interconnected adult folkschools that represent a rebirth of the cooperative People’s Schools movement made famous by the Antigonish Movement in Nova Scotia and aligned with the Grundtvigian Folk High Schools in Denmark. She lives in Dartmouth NS with her husband, two boys, and a cat who rules them all.

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