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ARTICLE | Collective Impact: Watch out for the Pendulum Swing

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Outlining some of the biggest obstacles and challenges that individuals and groups face in collective impact.

Collective Impact is all the rage. Everyone is studying it, doing it, and lauding its virtues. Its birth is sourced from an article written a few years back in the Stanford Social Innovation Review by John Kania and Mark Kramer.

Mark Holmgren uses this paper to critically examine the virtues and challenges of venturing into a collective impact initiative, looking at some of the tough questions and concerns that groups should consider before adopting this approach, and offers solutions based on his experience in the field.

Mark Holmgren

By Mark Holmgren

Mark Holmgren is the Executive Director of the Edmonton Community Development Company and a former Tamarack Director. He is known for his track record in developing social innovations, including the development of Upside Down Thinking, an approach to thinking differently, if not disruptively.

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