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TOOL | Collective Impact Readiness Assessment

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This is an easy to use tool kit about Collective Impact.  Use the assessments to determine whether your organization or community is ready to take the plunge into collective impact.
Cassandra O'Neill & Sarah Griffiths

By Cassandra O'Neill & Sarah Griffiths

Cassandra O’Neill applies strength based approaches to change in her work with individuals and groups. She is passionate about activating positivity, building resiliency, and creating conditions for authentic learning, growth, and collaboration. She blends her experience working in large systems, her knowledge of best practices in system change, experience teaching and using coaching skills and whole system methods such as Appreciative Inquiry, with her knowledge of the brain research and learning.

Sarah Griffiths applies strengths based approaches to change processes, whether the change is at the individual, organization, collaboration, or system level. She helps create processes and the conditions for supporting change, and blends her knowledge of brain research, coaching and best practices in systems change with whole system methods, such as Appreciative Inquiry, World Café and Open Space Technology. She works to inspire and support positive change at Wholonomy Consulting.

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