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ARTICLE | Climate and the Sustainable Development Goals | Part 1 | Transforming People & Places

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The climate crisis is a complex, multi-faceted challenge. There are countless intersections between climate change and a range of other issues such as poverty, hunger, equality, employment, and sustainable land and water. The Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) provide a useful framework for unpacking these linkages.

This two-part series explores the interconnections between SDG 13: Climate Action and other goals, through 10 articles by diverse community changemakers across Canada.

Part 1 of two publications

This first publication explores the transformations that we as individuals and as society need to make to respond to the climate crisis in a way that promotes health and wellbeing, empowers diverse groups to take action and recognizes intersectionality.


The pieces and authors profiled in this publication are:

  • Breathing and existing in the intersectionality of climate and community actions – Elissama Menezes
  • How planetary health and healing justice can stimulate local climate action – Chiara Camponeschi
  • Three ways to support refugee education in Canada – Jennifer Lerus-Roulez
  • How the settlement sector can support refugees with adaptive tools to create stronger, more vibrant communities – May Massijeh
  • Getting to climate action in our communities starts with finding our way home – Astrid Arumae
  • Growing green infrastructure and community health with urban forests – Matthew Carreau


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