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CASE STUDY | Revelstoke Leveraging COVID-19 to Build Community Resilience

Collective Impact, Case Studies, Cities Reducing Poverty, COVID-19

While the impact of COVID-19 has been swift and intense, Revelstoke, BC has mobilized its response to the pandemic in an innovative way. The community’s Collective Impact initiative, Vibrant Revelstoke, has identified an opportunity for change within the crisis. Stakeholders across government, business, public, and non-profit sectors have rallied around shared goals of affordability and connection. Together, they leverage each other’s efforts to support the greater good, build resilience, and revamp local programs, policies and systems.Vibrant Revelstoke was launched in 2019 to tackle the community’s complex affordability challenge. The Collective Impact initiative has rallied around the principle that large-scale social change requires organizations to coordinate their efforts and work towards clearly defined goals.

Vibrant Communities Canada

By Vibrant Communities Canada

Vibrant Communities supports cities and local leaders to develop and implement large-scale change initiatives through two learning networks, Cities Reducing Poverty and Cities Deepening Community. A Vibrant Community can be created once the human, social and economic cost of poverty are significantly reduced. Together, these cities/regions aspire to reduce poverty in 100 cities.

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