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CASE STUDY | Community Wisdom & Social Labs Lead to Change in Point Douglas

Case Studies, Community Change, Galen MacLusky, Community Development, Jessica Fisher

Communities across the world are used to having change thrust upon them. Governments, social services, and institutional systems are often the driving force behind the major changes experienced by communities today. There is an emphasis on professionals on the outside ‘fixing’ the problems that individual communities are facing. However, communities are increasingly seeking to effect change from the bottom-up; using their own assets to create the changes that they want to see on their terms. 

How does a community lead change on its own terms? The Winnipeg Boldness Project, a research and development initiative in Winnipeg’s North End, is working to do just that. Guided by community wisdom and inspired by Social Lab approaches, their story is an example of what is possible for communities that are inspired to lead change.

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