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CASE STUDY | Building a Heart-Centered Movement in Cooksville

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CASE STUDY | Building a Heart-Centered Movement in Cooksville

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This case study by Dan Ritchie, Hardy Steinke, Nicole Bonder and Christine Bennett explores the ABCD approach of Heart Comonos in Cooksville-Mississauga, Ontario.


Over the past few years, how we connect with our neighbours has increasingly changed. Heart Comonos is an initiative established in Cooksville-Mississauga, Ontario, focused on building connections through in person events and online gatherings during the COVID-19 pandemic.

Taking an agile and adaptable approach, they have been exploring ways to sustain their efforts while promoting multiple dimensions of wellness. As an extension of a faith-based group, Joshua Creek Church, their introduction to Asset Based Community Development has led to expanding their scope and intentions.

Heart Comonos has been using unique and adaptable programming as a stepping stone for residents to build a collective vision for Cooksville. One question that Heart Comonos has been considering is how to best formalize their evolving collaborative, while connecting residents' gifts and assets.


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