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ARTICLE | A Guide to Identifying and Sharing a Neighborhood’s Educational Assets with Young People

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There is a movement across Canada to deepen community. Many neighbourhoods are hosting block parties, soup nights and sharing gifts and assets with each other. A school in Wisconsin, USA did a community survey and realized that the community did not know much about the schools or have an opinion about it. But identified that youths seemed to be causing trouble throughout the neighbourhood. 
So, how do we extend the education beyond the walls of the school and utilize the gifts and the assets of the neighbours, organizations and institution in the community? A recent article written by Julie Filapek and John McKnight helps to identify neighbourhood educational assets with young people. This article has tools and recommendations to help groups to learn about the skills, knowledge and experiences that the community has and how to connect them to young people.
Asset Based Community Development Institute

By Asset Based Community Development Institute

The Asset-Based Community Development Institute (ABCD) is at the center of a large and growing movement that considers local assets as the primary building blocks of sustainable community development. Building on the skills of local residents, the power of local associations, and the supportive functions of local institutions, asset-based community development draws upon existing community strengths to build stronger, more sustainable communities for the future.

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