The Force That Bounces the World

Posted on October 13, 2016
By Al Etmanski

This may be the easiest assignment Vickie and I have ever had.

The good folks at the Plan Institute and Tamarack Institute have asked us to host a webinar series on the ingenuity of people with disabilities and their families.

Easy, because innovation is the core competency of people with disabilities and their families.

We know this because Vickie and I have been part of that world for nearly four decades. We’ve had front row seats as individuals along with their families, friends and supporters invent themselves out of adversity. This resourcefulness has given birth to millions of practical solutions. Everyday. Everywhere. Such is the necessity for relentless creativity when human design does not align with your capabilities.

These innovations don’t all spread far and wide. Most were invented to resolve one predicament. However, those with wider potential make the world a better place not just for people with disabilities but often for everyone.

Vickie and I like to call this force, impact-ability.

With that kind of mastery to tap into, you may want to join us for the webinars. They’re free.

The series is called, not surprisingly, Impact-ability. It starts on Monday, October 24th with the Honourable Carla Qualtrough, Minister of Sport and Persons with Disabilities. (9:00 am Pacific; noon Eastern). Here’s the series at a glance.

The lineup for the series is extraordinary Jack Pearpoint, Lynda Kahn, Ben Weinlick, Liz Mulholland, Ted Kuntz and Donna Thomson. There will be a special mystery guest for the final webinar for those who sign up for the whole series.

Details and registration here.

As a bonus for registering the Plan Institute is offering my latest book Impact: Six Patterns to Spread Your Social Innovation at a 30% discount.

Learning from the impact-ability of the disability world may be the easiest and smartest thing you’ve ever done.


The world is like a big round ball. What bounces the world?  – Liz Etmanski

Musical accompaniment this post Pirate Jenny and the Storm by Christa Couture.

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Al Etmanski

By Al Etmanski

Al Etmanski is the President of PLAN (Planned Lifetime Advocacy Network) and has been a leading advocate for people with disabilities and their families in Canada for more than two decades. He is widely recognized as a visionary thinker in areas of social policy, community development and individualizing services for people with disabilities. Al is an author, advocacy consultant and social inventor who specializes in finding innovative, non-governmental solutions to social problems.

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