Peterborough Porch Food Drive Raises 22,000 Pounds of Food

Posted on April 6, 2020
By the Tamarack Institute

Peterborough Porch DriveMegan from Peterborough, ON writes:

On a snowy March day in Peterborough, ON, thousands of residents set out bags with smiley faces on their doorsteps filled with food donations to restock the Kawartha Food Share. 

Over 75 volunteers drove around collecting the donations bringing them to a central warehouse to be weighed and sorted by an additional 25 community volunteers for later redistribution during the COVID-19 pandemic. Families waved through their windows and created signs during the neighbourhood exchange.

Businesses joined in to play their part as well with Brant Office Supplies donating their remaining toilet paper supply and Jack McGee Buick GMC Cadillac donating time and trucks to collect donations.

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