Expert Coaching on Developing a Community Plan

Posted on April 5, 2020
By Alison Homer

Vibrant Communities’ proven appreciativdeveloping a common agendae inquiry approach supports poverty reduction groups to collaboratively establish a community-wide common agenda and poverty reduction plan. Our approach has been developed over two decades of export coaching engagements between Tamarack’s founder and Co-CEO, Paul Born, and a diverse range of cities and communities across Canada and beyond.

Municipalities and community organizations regularly develop, implement, and renew local strategic plans. However, a key challenge to the traditional strategic planning approach is that stakeholders and community members are often hesitant to undertake or buy into a vision that was developed through a process that did not meaningfully include them.

Engaging a diverse range of stakeholders, and incorporating their perspectives, motivations, and aspirations, bring incredible value to both the process and the resulting poverty reduction plan. Still, creating a common agenda is no easy task.

developing a common agenda

Vibrant Communities overcomes this challenge by supporting poverty reduction groups to strategically develop community-wide common agendas that embed a comprehensive community engagement process builds buy-in from their onset. Typically conducted over a 12-18 month time periods, this process empowers partners to co-identify priority areas, undertake quick wins, and set themselves up for development of a common agenda that all parties agree to.

Milestones of this collaborative approach to developing a community-wide common agenda and poverty reduction plan include:

  • Convening a core team and taking stock 
  • Planning and hosting a Top 100 event
  • Revising a group’s governance structure
  • Engaging the whole community
  • Writing a plan 
  • Planning a big event to launch the plan

Poverty reduction practitioners recognize that to move the needle on a complex issues, such as poverty, they must engage individuals and organizations from across all sectors – public, private, non-profit and citizens. Vibrant Communities’ collaborative approach brings people together to learn, dialogue, and propose collaborative solutions. The process sets a community up so that by the time their plan is launched, it is already being implemented by a diverse group of committed partners.

Vibrant Communities – Cities Reducing Poverty membership includes access to Tamarack’s Expert Coaching Centre where members can obtain intensive support towards developing a community-wide common agenda and poverty reduction plan.

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Alison Homer

By Alison Homer

Advancing a vision of ending poverty in Canada, Alison provides leadership and drives excellence within Communities Ending Poverty (CEP). Her team actions an initial focus on ending working poverty, partnering with thought leaders and members from multiple sectors to identify levers and opportunities, influence policies, and shift systems.

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