CEP Communities of Practice (CoP) Resources


This peer learning library archives Communities Ending Poverty's CoP meeting notes, PowerPoints and additional resources.


Policy and Advocacy

Election campaigns and advocacy efforts

Social Procurement - BC CoP, 2022

Housing and Homelessness

An overview and analysis of Canada's National Housing Strategy - All CEP Convenor Call, 2018

Rural Development Network's guide to developing affordable housing in rural areas - Mid-Ontario Rural CoP, 2021

A scan of housing and homelessness trends and interventions in middle rural Ontario (round robin) - Mid-Ontario Rural CoP , 2021

Guelph-Wellington's YIMBY campaign - Mid-Ontario Rural CoP, 2021

Host Homes youth homelessness prevention program - Mid-Ontario Rural CoP, 2021 

City of New Westminster safe, affordable housing policies, plans and programs - BC CoP, 2017

City of Kamloops Affordable Housing Developers Package - BC CoP, 2017

Youth, Early Childhood Development  and Child Care

Attracting Youth to Lead the Cause - Convenor CoP,  June, 2022

Follow-up conversation with Communities Building Youth Futures (CBYF) - Convenor CoP, July, 2022

Overview of the 2022 BC Child Poverty Report Card - BC COP, March 2023

Food Security

Food Resilience Series - BC CoP, 2020-2021

Kristi Estergaard, from Interior Health discussed food security as an income-related issue. Her presentation was followed by a group discussion on how to tackle food security issues at the local level, and how practitioners can influence both income and food policy - BC CoP, July 2019

Food Costing in BC 2022: Assessing the affordability of health eating report - BC CoP, 2023

Financial Empowerment

Revelstoke Financial Literacy Project - BC CoP 2016

Prosper Canada on integrating Financial Empowerment initiatives within municipal work - Municipal Government CoP, 2018

New Westminster's Financial Survival KitBC CoP, 2020

Community Volunteer Income Tax Program - BC CoP, 2017

Prosper Canada presented an overview of successful on-the-ground approaches to utilizing financial empowerment as a poverty reduction tool  - BC CoP 2018
Income Security

Basic Income Resources (full library here)

Calculating the Living Wage - BC CoP, 2021

Future Oxford's Workforce Development PartnershipMunicipal Government CoP, 2019

Decent Work and the Labour Crunch: Attracting and Retaining Great Employees - Private Webinar June 1, 2022  (Link posted soon)

2022 CEP Basic Income Atlantic Canada Summit - November 2022 (Tamarack Insitute apologizes for the mis-spelled last name of Elizabeth (Mandy) Kay-Raining Bird)

Living Wage Week - BC CoP, 2022


Calgary's sliding scale transit pass - Municipal Government CoP, 2017

Report: Navigating Rural: Place-based Transit Solutions for Rural Canada
Urban and rural BC transportation challenges and solutions - BC CoP, 2019

City of Vancouver's Reduced Fare Transit Pilot & Cape Breton's Transportation Innovation Lab - BC CoP, March 2022

Exploring Rural Transportation - CoP, Sept 2022


Municipal responses to the opioid crisis - Municipal Government CoP, 2018

Helpseeker.org - connecting with local resources and supports  - BC CoP, April 2020

 Jennifer Wright, clinical psychologist presented A Trauma-Informed Lens to COVID-19 Recovery, followed by a facilitated a discussion around how attendees were applying this lens, challenges they were facing, what next steps they saw toward applying a trauma-informed lens to social recovery in their own communities - BC CoP, Sept 2020

Poverty and the pandemic - with Revelstoke & Vancouver - Lessons learned - BC CoP, Sept 2021

Diversity, Equity Inclusion

Introduction to reconciliation, with Reconciliation Canada - BC CoP, 2018

Charlene Seward of Reconciliation Canada joined Liz Weaver to create a safe space to discuss our shared history, the meaning of reconciliation, and how we can all meaningfully engage in reconciliation in our day to day lives. Through an engaging Q & A period, Charlene answered a variety of questions about reconciliation and how we can approach such an important topic.

The recording of the session is now available online. You can also download the presentation slides

Take your learning further:

City of Edmonton's Zoning Bylaw Renewal Initiative and Gender-Based Analysis Plus (GBA+) and Equity toolkit -  Municipal Government CoP, 2021

The City of Ottawa's first Women and Gender Equity Strategy - Municipal Government CoP, 2021

Racism and Equity - BC CoP, 2021

Anti-Racism/Equity Frameworks in Poverty Reduction - Member Roundtable, 2022

Anti-Racism/Equity Frameworks in Poverty Reduction - Blog Series, 2022

Montreal’s 2030 framework is a good example of embedding DEI into all strategies, including poverty reduction and climate transitions. https://app.hubspot.com/file-preview/316071/file/49183295055/ (internal link)

Toronto has a strong commitment as well, and actually uses DEI as an umbrella strategy with poverty reduction, seniors, youth and newcomers nestled under it.


Participatory Grantmaking to Build Equity and Inclusion - MGR CoP, September 2022

The Intersection of Climate Transitions, Poverty and Equity - BC CoP 2022

Anti-Racism/Equity Frameworks in Poverty Reduction - CoP - Sept 2022

Anti-Racism/Equity Frameworks in Poverty Reduction - CoP - October 2022

Anti-Racism/Equity Frameworks in Poverty Reduction - CoP - November 2022

Anti-Racism/Equity Frameworks in Poverty Reduction - CoP - January 2023

Anti-Racism/Equity Frameworks in Poverty Reduction - CoP February 2023

Anti-Racism/Equity Frameworks in Poverty Reduction - CoP March 2023

Anti-Racism/Equity Frameworks in Poverty Reduction - CoP May 2023

Accessible Organizations Project - BC CoP May 2023

Lived/Living Experience - CoP June 2023

Anti-Racism/Equity Frameworks in Poverty Reduction - CoP June 2023

Anti-Racism/Equity Frameworks in Poverty Reduction - CoP July 2023

Collective Impact/Plans

Developing a common agenda and writing a poverty reduction plan - BC Learning Series Module One, 2020

Community Safety and Wellbeing Plans 

Establishing mutually reinforcing activities: tools - Mid-Ontario Rural CoP, 2020

Montreal's Solidarity and Inclusion plan in the context of growing inequities in urban Montreal - MGR CoP, 2022

New Westminster's Asset MapBC CoP, 2016 

SPARC BC, the BC Poverty Reduction Coalition, and Tamarack Institute spoke to resources, tools and supports that each organization is able to provide to support Cities and communities to access BC Poverty Reduction Planning and Action Program funding towards developing and implementing local poverty reduction strategies - BC CoP, Jan 2020

UBCM Poverty Reduction Planning & Action Funding Program - BC CoP, Jan 2022

Roundtable with communities across BC who have completed or will be completing poverty reduction strategies - BC CoP, Nov 2021

Sustainable Funding

Foundations for Sustainable Collaborative Action : Fundraising - by Justin Williams
Fundraising PowerPoint

Mid-Ontario Rural CoP discussion on fundraising - November 2022

2022 CEP Virtual Member Gathering follow up - All-Convenor CoP December, 2023

2022 CEP Summit for Strength - All-Convenor CoP June, 2023

Collaborative Governance and Leadership

Key elements of collaborative leadership - BC CoP, 2021

Shared decision-making tools and techniques - BC Learning Series Module 3, 2020

Turf, trust and collaboration: How do build trust and what to do when it's broken - All Convenor CoP, 2020

The ART of Hope: Healing a Wounded City - Private Webinar Recording June 21, 2023


Memorandum of Agreement between LRT & Program Delivery Organization

LRT Coordinator Job Descriptions

Ontario provincial election campaigns and advocacy efforts - Mid-Ontario Rural CoP, 2022

 Pathways to increase youth engagement, leadership and prosperity in communities - All Convenor CoP, 2022
Measuring Shared Impact

Shifting from measuring activities to measuring impact - BC Learning Series Module 4, 2020

Niagara Region's evaluation and communication of municipally-funded poverty reduction projects - MGR CoP, 2019

Community Innovation

Location-based help services network: Helpseeker.org - BC CoP, 2020

Community Engagement

Community engagement for your poverty reduction planBC Learning Series Module 2, 2020

Community engagement during COVID-19 and reaching the hard-to-reach - BC CoP, 2021

Toronto engaging people with lived/living experience - Municipal Government CoP, 2019

Municipal community engagement strategies (round robin) - Municipal Government CoP, 2018

10 - A guide for businesses reducing poverty - when business is engaged - BC CoP, 2017

Loneliness and poverty reduction: making neighbourhood connections - BC CoP, 2020

New Westminster's poverty myth bustersBC CoP, 2016

The “Virtual Community Engagement Guide: A Toolkit for Hosting Online Community Engagement and Meetings in Rural, Remote, and Indigenous Communities” provides guidance and tips on hosting virtual meetings with your community.  From tools and technology to logistics and wise practices, this Guide was created to help you address some of the most common virtual meeting barriers and opportunities.  The Guide was prepared by Amanda Sheedy, with support from Nature United, and in collaboration with a small group of Indigenous community-based leaders interested in learning and brainstorming how to better engage their communities virtually during the COVID-19 pandemic.

Peer Connections Successes and Challenges - BC CoP, May 2022

Review the structure of MGR Communities of Practice, brainstormed topics and speakers - MGR CoP, June 2022