Developing a Poverty Reduction Strategy


This coaching library provides you with tools, templates and examples to help you achieve each milestone towards creating a community-wide strategy. Some of these resources are internal materials shared for members by members so that newer collaboratives can build from what already exists. Please do not share files widely.


Objective Resource(s)
Gain small group agreement on your approach 

Publication | How to Develop a Common Agenda for a Collective Impact

Guide | Developing A Common Agenda For A Poverty Reduction Plan

Create a collective workplan

Tool | Developing Poverty Reduction Timelines

Example | Chatham-Kent's Workplan Flowchart
Clarify your collective purpose Example | Leeds & Grenville Purpose Statement
1st Community Engagement Tool | Top 100 Exercise
Top 100 Agenda

Template | Facilitator Guide

Example | Vibrant Revelstoke Top 100 Agenda

Example | Leeds & Grenville Top 100 Agenda 

Top 100 Invitation

Example | Vibrant Revelstoke Invite Letter

Example | Chatham-Kent Invite Letter

Top 100 Commitment Form

Example | Chatham-Kent Commitment Form

Example | Maine Commitment Form

Top 100 Data Report Presentation

Example | Chatham-Kent website data profile

Example | Revelstoke Top 100 Master Slide Deck

Top 100 CRP Successes Presentation

Example | Iowa story audio recording (m4a)

Example | Revelstoke Top 100 Master Slide Deck

Top 100 Community Collaboration Presentation Example | Revelstoke Top 100 Master Slide Deck
Top 100 Short Keynote Paul Born Video | Keynote Introduction (mp4)
Top 100 Conference Roles Guide | Hosting a Top 100 Conference - Roles
Top 100 What We Heard Report

Example | Chatham-Kent What We Heard So Far

Example | Revelstoke What We Heard Report

Example | Maine What We Heard

Emergent Phase Planning: 1-Year Workplan Example | Maine Collective Impact Draft Work Plan
Emergent Phase Planning: Data Team Description

Example | Chatham-Kent Data Team

Emergent Phase Planning: Listening Team Description Example | Chatham-Kent Listening Team
Emergent Phase Planning: Action Team Description Example | Chatham-Kent Action Team
Emergent Phase Planning: Leadership Team Description

Presentation | The First 12 Months: The Backbone Role 

Presentation | Designing Your Own Organizing Structure 

Community Engagement Strategy

Example | Chatham-Kent Community Engagement Strategy

Example | Chatham-Kent Listening Team Handbook

Data Team Full Report

Example | Chatham-Kent Data Report

Example | Revelstoke State of Poverty Report

Example | Northwest Territories Poverty Report Card, 2020

Determine Strategy Priorities  Example | Cornwall, SDG & Akwesasne's Feasibility Matrix
Develop the Strategy

Example | Edmonton's End Poverty in a Generation

Example | OpportUNITY Iowa

Example | Peel Community Action Plan

Example | Saskatoon's 12 Bold Ideas

Example | Thriving For All Lower Columbia Strategy

Share the Strategy

Tool | Building a Plan on a Page