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WEBINAR | Imagining and Engaging: The Hamilton Neighbourhood Story

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In this webinar, Suzanne Brown, Director of Neighbourhood and Community Initiatives with the City of Hamilton and Renee Wetselaar, Senior Social Planner with the Social Planning and Research Council of Hamilton, shared the story of the Hamilton Neighbourhood Action Strategy.  

Hamilton Neighbourhood Action Strategy

By Hamilton Neighbourhood Action Strategy

The City of Hamilton's Neighbourhood Action Strategy was created in November 2010 to address health and well-being inequities in Hamilton neighbourhoods. Employing an asset-based community development approach, the Neighbourhood Action Strategy utilizes the greatest resource in any neighbourhood, its residents, to intentionally focus dialogue around the positive things in the community. This innovative strategy blends the foundations of asset-based community development with land use planning to develop resident-led, asset-based Neighbourhood Action Plans that build on local social capital and address the health inequities in eleven Hamilton neighbourhoods.

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