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Vickie Cammack

Founder - Tyze Personal Networks

Deepening Community Thought Leader focusing on linkages between Formal and Informal Care Systems, Strengthening Community, and addressing Isolation and Loneliness

About Vickie
Vickie's unique response to the isolation and loneliness that underpin some our most intractable health and social problems - a network model of care, has been adopted internationally. She is a social entrepreneur who has established many organizations dedicated to strengthening community and addressing social isolation including Tyze Personal Networks. This pioneering Canadian social enterprise has been called the next frontier of caregiving for its work in creating online networks of care for people facing life challenges.

Vickie is also the founding director of the Family Support Institute of British Columbia and she co-founded Planned Lifetime Advocacy Network (PLAN). She created PLAN's Personal Network program, a practical and strategic approach to address the isolation and loneliness experienced by people with disabilities. She mentored the spread of grass roots PLAN groups in 30 locations globally.

Vickie writes, consults and lectures on social networks, organizational transformation and social innovation. She is co-author of 'Safe and Secure - Six Steps to Creating a Personal Future Plan for People with Disabilities' and Accelerating a Network Model of Care - Taking a Social Innovation to Scale. The Women's Executive Network named Vickie one of Canada's Top 100 Most Powerful Women and she is a member of the Order of Canada.

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Vickie Cammack

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