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Contacting Tamarack

Tamarack Institute is a remote organization with decentralized offices across the country so that our team can work within their own communities - this is great for quality of life and for the environment.

Our central office and mailing address is Tamarack Institute, University of Waterloo Kindred Credit Union Centre for Peace Advancement at Conrad Grebel University College, 140 Westmount Road North. Waterloo, Ontario, N2L 3G6.


Meet the Team

Please meet our team and reach out directly to the most appropriate person. If you need some assistance, you can email us at or call us at 519-885-5155.

Liz Weaver

Co-CEO Tamarack
& Director, Tamarack Learning Centre

Myriam Bérubé

Consulting Director, Québec

Laura Schnurr

Director, Community Climate Transitions

Raïsa Mirza

Consulting Director, Associate Director, Communities Building Youth Futures

Alison Homer

Team Lead - Communities Ending Poverty

Mike Des Jardins

Manager, Sustainability & Development – Communities Building Youth Futures

Connor Judge

Manager of Cities - Deepening Community

Karenveer Pannu

Community Animator, Participatory Grantmaking Project

Liam White

Community Animator, Communications

Kieran Maingot

Community Animator, Resource Activation

Danya Pastuszek

Co-CEO Tamarack
& Director, Vibrant Communities

Jean-Marie Chapeau

Consulting Director, Evaluating impact

Jeff Doner

Director, Digital Sales, Engagement and Learning

Heather Keam

Associate Director, Cities Deepening Community

Trisha Islam

Manager of Cities - Communities Building Youth Futures

Stephanie Murray

Event Manager,
Tamarack Learning Centre

Layla Belmahi

Manager of Cities, Communities Building Youth Futures

Grace Gahore

Community Animator, Digital Engagement Specialist

Maranatha Braimoh

Community Animator, Accounts Receivable

Sylvia Cheuy

Consulting Director,
Collective Impact

Jana Harris

Associate Director, Finance & Operations

Natasha Pei

Manager of Cities - Communities Ending Poverty

Justin Williams

Manager, Policy & Development

Angelina Pelletier

Manager of Cities – Indigenous, Communities Building Youth Futures

Jennifer Lerus-Roulez

Manager of Cities, Communities Climate Transitions

Freshta Ahmadzai

Community Animator, Evaluations and Research

Maureen Owens

Community Animator, Learning Lead, Communities Ending Poverty

Owen Henderson

Community Animator, CBYF Project & Grant Management

Lisa Attygalle

Consulting Director, Community Engagement

Nathalie Blanchet

Director, Communities Building Youth Futures

Sonja Miokovic

Consulting Director, Community Innovation

Jill Zacharias

BC Manager of Growth & Impact

Rana Nemat Allah

Manager of Cities - Communities Building Youth Futures

Ludivine Halé

Community Animator, Translation

Ruté Ojigbo

Community Animator, Digital Engagement & Marketing

Jaime Stief

Community Animator, Marketing & Communications

Isaac Hewitt-Harris

Community Animator, Administration

Kate Berezina

Community Animator, Accounts Receivable

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