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Sonja Miokovic

Consulting Director, Community Innovation


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e. sonja@tamarackcommunity.ca

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Toronto, Ontario

About Sonja

Sonja is the Consulting Director of the Tamarack Institutes’s Community Innovation Area. She is a dynamic educator, social scientist, and innovator with over 16 years of experience in the sector. Having lived, worked, and played in over 80 countries, she has a broad spectrum of international experience that cuts across the public, private and civil society sectors.

Sonja is a long-standing advocate for community-led innovation and development. Known for bringing larger-than-life initiatives into being, Sonja thrives on building meaningful relationships and connecting the dots in innovative ways.

Before joining Tamarack, Sonja's led several high-impact social initiatives. She’s the co-founder of YouthfulCities, a global initiative that released the world’s first index ranking cities from a youth perspective. Over the course of her tenure there she led the growth and development of the initiative from its infancy to successful expansion to 55 global cities. She also co-founded Wonder Lab, a global network of social innovation labs that use multidisciplinary teams, data, technology, and creativity to generate innovations with social impact.

Sonja completed her Masters Degree in Social Sciences with the Global Studies Programme, where she studied in Germany, India and South Africa.


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