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Paul Born

Co-Founder and Coach

Remote Office: Waterloo, Ontario

About Paul
Paul is the Co-founder of Tamarack and for 20 years was the CEO/Co-CEO. He is also the co- founder of Vibrant Communities a national network of nearly 500 cities and communities ending poverty, deepening community, building youth futures and advancing climate transitions. Paul continues at Tamarack as a coach and trainer providing practical support to communities interested in achieving large-scale change.

Paul is a global leader and an award-winning author on issues of community. A large-scale community change facilitator, Paul is the author of four books including two Canadian best sellers (Deepening Community and Community Conversations). He is a global faculty member of the Asset Based Community Development Institute (ABCD) and a senior fellow of Ashoka, the world’s largest network of social innovators. Paul was appointed to the Order of Canada in 2019.

Paul holds an M.A. in Leadership and in 2020 was selected as the Arts Alumni Achievement Award recipient at the University of Waterloo. He grew up as the son of refugees that worked together to survive and then thrive. This experience is what made him deeply curious about and engaged in ideas that cause people to work together for the common good.
Paul is on Sabbatical until October 2022.

Area of Expertise
  • Coaching Cities Reducing Poverty
  • Coaching Cities Deepening Community
  • Coaching Cities implementing a Collective Impact
  • Facilitating/hosting Community Conversations
  • Population Level Community Engagement Consulting
  • Collaborative Leadership Teaching
  • Supporting Movement Building Initiatives
  • Consulting and Teaching Fundraising for Collective Impact

Recent Work/Books/Awards

Seminars and Workshops
  • A Community Based COVID recovery
  • Ending Poverty in Canada
  • Deepening Community Finding Joy Together in Chaotic times
  • Whole Community Change – How a common agenda can change everything.
  • Community Conversations – (Highly interactive as we inspire your audience to converse)
  • Building a Common Agenda for a collective impact
  • Fundraising for Social Change - 5 good ideas to raise big gifts
  • The collaborative spectrum: large scale change requires us to build trust and measure turf

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