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GUIDE | 10 Ways Local Government Can Propel Positive Social Change

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This resource is also available in French. Click here to access the French version.

As communities face increasingly complex social challenges, local governments face a call to action. A community-wide mandate and overarching vision provides opportunity to lead and work better together with others as communities pivot to address influential factors and experiences.

This guide provides a road map for civic leaders and staff, community partners and individuals, and explores:

  • the connection between local government and foundational community development practices;
  • tools, examples and common avenues for local governments of any size; and
  • key factors for progress and success.

For local governments to help address social issues there is no need to stretch far, just a little deeper. Learn how to manage expectations; step into the social realm; navigate how to contribute much-needed capacity for effective community change; and co-create healthy, vibrant communities.


Deepen Your Learning:

Jill Zacharias

By Jill Zacharias

Jill has recently joined the Vibrant Communities team as the BC Manager of Growth and Impact, Cities Reducing Poverty. Jill brings extensive experience in municipal government, social planning and poverty reduction, and has worked closely with Tamarack as a CRP member and as chair of the BC Community of Practice on Poverty Reduction.

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