About Jill

Jill Zacharias
BC Manager of Growth and Impact: Cities Reducing Poverty

Contact Details:
p. 250-814-3875

Remote Office: Revelstoke, BC

About Jill

Jill has recently joined the Vibrant Communities team as the BC Manager of Growth and Impact, Cities Reducing Poverty. Jill brings extensive experience in municipal government, social planning and poverty reduction, and has worked closely with Tamarack as a CRP member and as chair of the BC Community of Practice on Poverty Reduction.

Jill became interested in social sustainability while completing her Post-Baccalaureate Diploma in Community Economic Development (CED) from Simon Fraser University (2006). For over a decade, Jill worked for the City of Revelstoke CED Department as social development coordinator. This involved working with community partners and all levels of government to build community capacity to address a broad range of community-wide social issues, from supporting youth to addressing poverty. Poverty reduction became a primary focus in 2012, and in 2019 the Revelstoke poverty reduction working group transitioned to Collective Impact.

Jill views social sustainability as both the most complex and least understood aspect of society, yet most critical to the overall health and well-being of communities. Jill has presented on a variety of social planning topics at regional, provincial and national venues. Living in Revelstoke, Jill retains a passion for the outdoors and mountain lifestyle, balancing work with skiing, hiking, camping and playing music.

Jill Zacharias

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