Tamarack focuses on five key Idea Areas and two Practice Areas to advance the work of community change. 

Idea Areas

Our Idea Areas are key principles and techniques that help community leaders to realize the change they want to see. It doesn't matter what issue you are facing  whether you are tackling poverty reduction, dealing with food access issues, wanting to improve health or trying to deepen the sense of community in your city  the thinking around these five areas and the application of the guiding techniques will help you to achieve impact. 

Within each Idea Area we teach and produce written resources, host workshops and webinars, invite people into Communities of Practice, and consult with communities and organizations to help them to move the needle on their particular issue. We also invite Thought Leaders – people who are currently researching or working in the field  to share their thoughts, ideas and examples with our learning network.

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Practice Areas

Our two Practice Areas are the issue areas in which we engage on a deep level. In both Vibrant Communities and Deepening Community we convene and host online learning communities where people who are working within that field can gather, learn and share with each other.

Learn about our Practice Areas:

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