About Kieran

Kieran Maingot

Manager of Communities, Community Climate Transitions

Remote Office: Montreal, Quebec

About Kieran

As a Manager of Communities, Kieran (they/them) eagerly supports and coaches communities across so-called Canada to work toward just and equitable transition plans responsive to the unfolding climate emergency. Their interests and involvement in the climate movement are ever evolving and currently focused in areas including, but not limited to, responding to climate grief and anxiety, care work and collective organizing, youth climate leadership, environmental racism, and Indigenous land defense and stewardship campaigns.

Their background is in sociology, with a particular interest in exploring the multi-solving solutions that respond to the nuanced and power-laden social realities around us. At present, Kieran's personal studies and community work spans a variety of interrelated challenges from abolishing prisons and policing to supporting the fight for decent working conditions, rights to unionize, and livable wages for all.

In their spare time, you will find Kieran reading several non-fiction books at a time, working on their latest knitting or poetry project, or brushing up on some French basics on Duolingo.


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