About Jeff

Jeff Doner

Director, Digital Sales, Engagement and Learning

Contact Details:
p. 416-319-6895

Remote Office: Newmarket, Ontario

About Jeff

Jeff leads our Marketing and Communications practice at Tamarack in developing digital engagement and enablement strategies focused on our network of community change leaders. His work across departments advances the profile of Vibrant Communities Canada and the Learning Centre, to meet the needs of our diverse spectrum of constituents.

Through transformative strategy development, thought leadership, and operational optimization, Jeff’s work enables the Tamarack community to advance digital intelligence and impact. He provides workshops, training, and consulting services to a range of community collaboratives.

Jeff is an accomplished senior-level marketing executive with over 15 years of progressive experience leading strategy and scaling growth across a spectrum of established and emerging markets throughout North America and around the globe. His contributions include significant advancements in the start-up, academic, and not-for-profit worlds, and highly regulated industries spanning cannabis, esports, petroleum, fintech, and gambling ventures.

Jeff has committed much of his career to expanding the reach of benevolent voices and emboldening their ability to enact change on a global scale. Much of this work has focused on digital enablement through transformative capability building. As a Professor with the School of Communications, Media, Arts, and Design at Centennial College, Jeff develops and delivers curriculums across a number of digital and integrated marketing disciplines. He presently resides north of Toronto and enjoys spending time outdoors with his wife and two young children.


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