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Bill Harper


About Bill

William (Bill) Harper is Vice-President, Finance & Operations at Imagine Canada, a registered charity whose mission is to strengthen Canadian charities and nonprofits so they can better serve individuals and communities both here and around the world. Bill has been a key contributor to strengthening Imagine Canada's financial position and developing a diversified portfolio of social enterprise activities to support its ongoing work while contributing to its mission. Before joining Imagine Canada, he led his own management consulting firm working exclusively in the nonprofit sector, focusing on governance, strategic planning, and the strategic use of information technology to modernize nonprofit operations.

Bill has over 30 years experience leading, advising, and volunteering in the nonprofit sector. His formal education includes a degree in Computer Science (BMath, University of Waterloo) and the Chartered Accountancy designation (CPA, CA).

Bill's volunteer service includes significant volunteer event management experience, directly assisting needy Canadians with their finances, and providing training, facilitation, and other supports through organizations such as the United Way, Altruvest Charitable Services, and Community Literacy Ontario. He served as Treasurer and then Chair of Brands for Canada (formerly Windfall Basics), a registered charity and Canada's only new clothing and basic needs bank.

2022 photo - William Harper

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