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Ben Henderson

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About Ben

Most recently Ben served on Edmonton City Council from 2007-2021 as Councillor for Ward 8, the central southside. He currently serves as co-chair of End Poverty Edmonton. While at the City he led initiatives that created the City’s Poverty Elimination Strategy, the Winter City Strategy, the Public Engagement Strategy, and the Energy Transition Strategy.

He also served for ten years as Chair of the Utility Committee which gave him a strong background in regulation, for six years as Chair of the Inter City Forum on Social Policy and for four years on the Canada Council on the Social Determinants of Health.

For seven years he was the Chair of the Green Municipal Fund, a 1.7-billion-dollar endowment/revolving loan fund within the Federation of Canadian Municipalities entrusted by the Federal Government to help municipalities improve their environmental sustainability.

The first part of his career was spent in live Theatre as the Artistic Director of Nexus Theatre, Great West Theatre, Theatre Network, Running With Scissors Theatre and Dramaturg/Artistic Director for Saskatchewan Playwrights Centre. He also freelanced as a Theatre Director across Canada.

Since stepping down as a City Councillor he has started his own company focused on consulting in public engagement, governance (particularly as it relates to non-profits) government relations and Winter Cities. He is also trained and works as an interest-based mediator and negotiator.


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