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Ana Gonzalez Guerrero


About Ana

Driven by the need to create a more just and inclusive transition towards a sustainable future, Ana has been working on climate change issues for over 15 years, focusing on sustainable local economic development and the empowerment of diverse actors such as young people, women, and girls.

Ana is the Co-Founder and Managing Director at the Youth Climate Lab, a youth-for-youth lab dedicated to creating innovative projects for more ambitious climate action. Ana oversees internal operations as well as project management and strategic direction.

Prior to her role, she led an Innovation Fund through the Federation of Canadian Municipalities’ Partnership for Municipal Innovation in Local Economic Development, a small-scale granting mechanism for innovative solutions that benefit communities, with a focus on women and youth, across six countries. Ana has also worked closely with local level actors through the Municipalities for Climate Innovation Program, supporting over 340 local governments in their efforts to act on climate across Canada.

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