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TOOL | The Poverty Matrix: Understanding Poverty in Your Community

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The Poverty Matrix is a useful framework for understanding the different groups of low-income residents and mapping out the extent and depth of poverty for each group in your community. The matrix describes poverty in the community using two broad categories. The first is the type or level of poverty someone might experience. This ranges from working poor to homeless with the categories of temporarily unemployed, persistently unemployed, and dependent poor in between.
Mark Cabaj

By Mark Cabaj

Mark is President of the consulting company From Here to There and an Associate of Tamarack. Mark has first-hand knowledge of using evaluation as a policy maker, philanthropist, and activist, and has played a big role in promoting the merging practice of developmental evaluation in Canada. Mark is currently focused on how diverse organizations and communities work together to tackle complex issues, on social innovation as a "sub-scene" of community change work, and on strategic learning and evaluation.

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