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ARTICLE | Nine Emerging & Connected Leadership Principles

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This article, adapted from Edgeware: Lessons From Complexity Science for Health Care Leaders, by Brenda Zimmerman, Curt Lindberg, and Paul Plsek, proposes some principles of management that are consistent with an understanding of organizations as CASs. In the spirit of the subject matter, there is nothing sacred or permanent about this list. However, these principles do begin to give us a new way of thinking about and approaching our roles as leaders in organizations.

Brenda Zimmerman, Curt Lindberg, and Paul Plsek

By Brenda Zimmerman, Curt Lindberg, and Paul Plsek

Dr. Brenda Zimmerman was a professor of strategic management at the Schulich School of Business at York University in Toronto. She was the founder and director of the Health Industry Management Program for MBA students. Her primary research applied complexity science to management and leadership issues in organizations, especially health care or not-for-profit organizations, experiencing high levels of uncertainty and turbulence. Dr. Curt Lindberg is director, Partnership for Complex Systems and Healthcare Innovation at Billings Clinic. He founded Plexus Institute, a non-profit organization devoted to helping people use insights from complexity science to improve the health of individuals, families, communities, organizations and the natural environment. With a nose for innovative ideas, he has played an important role in introducing complexity science concepts into health care thinking, practice and management. Paul Plsek, former corporate director of quality planning at AT&T, is an engineer and independent consultant in the field of performance improvement. He is internationally known for his work in quality improvement in health care.

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