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CASE STUDY | Evaluation Frameworks in Community Development Organizations

Evaluating Community Impact, Case Studies, Community Innovation

This document is the third in a series that are all a part of the Community Waitakere project Research on Community Development Methods and Methodologies. It is a collection of five case studies of organisations and programmes that are doing evaluation. The case studies have been written in a way that attempts to highlight methodologies, methods and tools that readers may have become familiar with from the reading the literature review commissioned by Community Waitakere as a part of this project.
Simon Harger-Forde

By Simon Harger-Forde

Simon has worked for Innovate Change in the New Zealand and UK health sectors, and in NGOs in both New Zealand and overseas. Simon has managed a youth led primary healthcare service, worked in policy roles in central government, and in senior roles leading the planning and funding of primary and community healthcare.

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