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10: A Guide for Building a Sustainable and Resilient Collaboration

This guide unpacks the concepts of sustainability and resilience and shares ideas, stories, and resources that will benefit collaborations as they consider them. The goal is to broaden our collective thinking about the factors that contribute to sustainable, resilient, and impactful collaboration. 


10: A Guide for Deepening Community

With the growing sense of disconnect and social isolation happening in communities across Canada and the lack of civic participation in our towns and cities, we need to declare community essential. We believe that Deepening Community is the answer. This guide has been developed to support community champions, concerned citizens, municipal staff, and decision-makers such as mayors and elected officials to build the case to deepen community and make your community essential.

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10: A Guide For Navigating The Future Of Work For Youth And Employers

This guide has been developed to help you filter through the noise and focus on what matters to you as you navigate the shifting landscape of the future of work. We created it to be accessible and easy to use and have included the latest research, questions to consider and stories and resources throughout to help bring your learning to life.

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10: A Guide for Advancing the Sustainable Development Goals in Your Community

This guide outlines big ideas for advancing the SDGs locally, inspiring stories of communities that are leading the way, helpful resources, ways to get started, and more. It was written for leaders from across sectors including elected officials, staff within city or regional governments, community organizers, business leaders, and concerned citizens.
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10: A Guide for a Community-Based COVID Recovery

This guide explores both why and how cities and communities have become such a force in community change, especially now during COVID-19. With an eye to the future, this guide captures this momentum, attempting to do so in practical and useful ways. It explores 10 stories of how communities are working together, 10 ideas on community-based recovery, and 10 useful resources for cities and communities interested in citizen-led community planning and innovation as you adapt and recover from COVID-19.

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10: A Guide for Engaging People With Lived/Living Experience

Informed by the 10 Lived/Living Experience Advisory Committee, this guide was written to support poverty-reduction groups to meaningfully engage people with lived/living experience. It celebrates the potential that can be unlocked when these individuals are included and empowered to drive antipoverty work.

10: A Guide for Businesses Reducing Poverty

The book was written to both acknowledge and inspire the thinking and work of businesses across our country, and to remind all of us of how critical business involvement in poverty reduction truly is.

If you are a business leader, a poverty reduction practitioner, a community activist, or a concerned citizen, this guide was written for you.

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10: A Guide for Cities Reducing Poverty

The TEN guide authored by Brock Carlton, CEO of the Federation of Canadian Municipalities and Paul Born, President of Tamarack Institute, brings you a concise overview of how cities are reducing poverty: their stories, their strategies, their resources, and tips for beginners on organizing a city-wide initiative.


Engage! A Connected Force for Community Change

At our 2015 Collective Impact Summit in Vancouver we unveiled our first-ever 80-page issue of Engage! magazine. The theme of Engage! is "Possible" and includes feature articles on collective impact, deepening community, community engagement and leadership from Tamarack Institute faculty, articles by social change leaders such as Karen Pittman and Vickie Cammack and stories of what’s possible from communities around the world.

Previous editions of Engage!


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June 2023

In this edition:

  • Collaborative Leadership & Governance: Engaging Across Sectors
  • Community Climate Transitions Innovation Fund
  • Turning Wheels: A Global Resource with a Local Focus

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May 2023

In this edition:

  • Tamarack's 2022 Annual Report
  • Stories of Impact
  • Tamarack's EDIJR Strategy

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April 2023

In this edition:

  • Communities: Sowing the Seeds of Innovation
  • Tamarack's Contribution to the Social Innovations Journal
  • Building for Breakthrough

  • Opportunities to Join our Commitment to EDIJR

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March 2023

In this edition:

  • Exploring the Collaboration Cycle 
  • Reflections from Our Co-CEO
  • 10 Ways Local Government Can Propel Social Change

  • Learning and Funding Opportunity for Youth

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