Deepening Community Podcasts

The complex challenges facing communities require cities to deepen community. The process of deepening community is about empowering citizens to form the trust and connections necessary to create and sustain vibrant, inclusive neighbourhoods. Cities across Canada are recognizing the need to invest in the social well-being of citizens who live, work and play in their communities in order to strengthen a sense of belonging, connection and citizenship. Our podcasts will cover topics on what is needed to deepen community, get you thinking outside the box and inspire you with stories.


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Latest Episode: Social Reconnection as a Solution for Health

This podcast features Tamer Soliman and Dr. Trevor Hancock in a discussion about the Great Reconnect. This discussion built off the momentum around social prescription, the recent Angus Reid report on Loneliness and isolation, and response to the Great Disconnect film. You can get up-to-date information on the Great Disconnect film by subscribing to www.thegreatdisconnectfilm.com

Discussing Asset-Based Community Development with John McKnight

This podcast features John McKnight, co-founder of the Asset Based Community Development Institute and Jaime Munday, Executive Director of the fiveandtwonetwork.org. They alongside Tamarack's Heather Keam to discuss the origins of Asset Based Community Development.

COVID and Community Recovery

As cities and towns start to look at recovery, how do we learn from this past year and build back better? This podcast episode explores approaches to recovery planning and unpacks why community is essential in identifying the solutions needed to emerge stronger and more resilient than ever

Loneliness and Social Isolation Series

With the rising awareness of the effects of loneliness and social isolation on our health we have put together a podcast series with thought leaders from across Canada to dive deeper into the reasons why people are lonely and what can we do as individuals, organizations and government that can help to make our communities more connected. 

The Importance of Deepening Community

Deepening community is a timely and powerful response to growing social isolation, loneliness, and disconnection that is happening in our cities and towns. In this podcast, we talk about how our communities have changed over time and why deepening community is important to individuals, organizations and cities.

The Value of Neighbouring

We were joined by Tamer Soliman, Director of the community documentary the Great Disconnect and Debra Jakubec from City of Edmonton to explore the importance of neighbouring and knowing your neighbours.