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WEBINAR | Five Community-Driven Pathways for Systems Change

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This webinar recording features a conversation with members of New-Zealand Aotearoa-based SASS (Systems-change Advocacy Support and Solidarity), a group of changemakers that has come together to share resources and wisdom about systems change work and support each other in their united commitment to create a more equitable future in Aotearoa (New Zealand).

Together, we discussed learnings from SASS’ “not-white” paper, titled Voices From the Frontlines: Community-Driven Pathways for Systems Change in Aotearoa. In particular, our guests walked us through the paper’s five community-driven pathways for systems change:

  1. Enable systems change leadership
  2. Strengthen relationships and working together 
  3. Address racism, bias, and exclusion
  4. Overcome funding and bureaucracy challenges
  5. Encourage experimentation and amplify transformation

The speakers cover topics such as relationship-building on the sometimes lonely path of systems change work, equity and power balances, the challenges of alternatives to traditional funding practices, tools for encouraging more progressive funder relationships (available in the guide linked above) and managing burnout.

For an overview of topics and questions discussed during the conversation, please see the description posted under the video on YouTube, found by clicking "View the Recording."




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