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ARTICLE | The promise of collective impact in supporting a just transition at the community level

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To end poverty locally, over 330 communities across Canada have been applying a collective impact approach – establishing multi-sectoral roundtables, doing deep community engagement, and developing poverty reduction plans.

This article explores success stories where Canadian communities have used collective impact to reduce poverty. It considers how the lessons learned can be applied to equitable climate transitions, taking on Canada’s reputation for being slow to act on climate change.

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With the support of the Government of Canada, the Community Climate Transitions team at Tamarack is launching the Climate Transitions Cohort. Over 10 months, a group of trailblazing communities from across Canada will take part in a learning journey to develop and implement community plans for a just and equitable climate transition.

Community changemakers from inside and outside of local governments are invited to come together and learn how to develop a common vision and common agenda among local stakeholders through collective impact (i.e. a whole-community approach that prioritizes multi-sectoral leadership and deep civic engagement).

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