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TOOL | Assessing the Effects of Local Intersectoral Action

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The Tool for Assessing the Effects of Local Intersectoral Action is an interactive online tool. It generates information for assessing the effects or impacts of local intersectoral action in living environments.

It first uses a timeline to map key events in an intersectoral action project. Each of these events is then associated with a transitional outcome taken from an inventory of transitional outcome that chart the progression of local intersectoral action towards its effects. The exercise allows actors to identify a chain of transitional outcomes specific to each transformation observed in the living environment(s).

Afterwards, the chains of transitional outcomes are illustrated in diagrams. The diagrams highlight the dynamics of how intersectoral action processes relate to their effects.

This tool was produced by CACIS. Tamarack Institute is excited to have collaborated with CASIS in the translation and linguistic review of this valuable Tool for Assessing the Effects of Local Intersectoral Action. We look forward to being able to share this tool more widely with our partners and network across Canada.

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