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Enhancing Belonging: A Guidebook for Individuals, Organizations, and Communities

The New Story Group of Waterloo Region is pleased to announce the release of the Enhancing Belonging: A Guidebook for Individuals, Organizations, and Communities.

“This Guidebook will make an important contribution to our...

Ending Poverty

I was in San Francisco this week and spoke with pride about Canada's work to end poverty. I may have spoken too boldly. There is something about being in U.S. that makes me want to emphasize how progressive Canada is and...

A Practical Guide for Consensus-Based Decision Making

What makes some group efforts so much more effective and satisfying than others? Why do some group decisions enjoy strong buy-in and follow through, and produce tangible results, whereas others fall flat right out of the...



Agree-Disagree Tool for Collaboration

TOOL | This tool will help groups develop a common understanding of one another’s perspectives on collaboration and can assist in making a case for collaboration that is rooted in participants’ ideas, observations, and...

Shared Measurement: The Why is Clear, The How Continues to Develop Webinar

WEBINAR | In this webinar, Liz Weaver and Mark Cabaj discuss Mark's paper Shared Measurement: The Why is Clear, The How Continues to Develop and review five practical shared measurement challenges and why these have become...

Case Study: Calgary's Neighbourhood Strategy

CASE STUDY | In this case study, you will find the process and details of This is My Neighbourhood, The City of Calgary's four-year pilot project, which has a goal for the city to be more citizen-centric by helping residents...



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Cities Reducing Poverty

Cities Reducing Poverty is a collective impact movement aimed at reducing poverty for 1 million Canadians through the efforts of local multi-sector roundtables and the alignment of poverty reduction strategies at the municipal, provincial and federal levels.

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Cities Deepening Community

Cities Deepening Community is dedicated to developing our collective understanding about the power of citizens and supporting programs, policies and practices that strengthen communities and neighbourhoods and mobilize citizen leadership to enhance social capital.

The Latest from Cities Deepening Community:
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