GUIDE | The End of Poverty: Eight Pathways That Are Ending Poverty in Canada


This resource is also available in French. Click here to access the French version.

This guide presents high-impact policies, evidence-based models, and innovative ideas that poverty reduction practitioners across all sectors can act as we work collectively toward the end of poverty in Canada.

It articulates how Communities Ending Poverty members are developing comprehensive and community-wide plans and are shifting systems and policies. It also highlights how federal, provincial, and territorial governments are rolling out large-scale benefits. The guide features three transformational Ending Poverty ideas that are backed by significant Canadian evidence: Basic Income, Quebec’s $5/day childcare model, and Built for Zero Canada.

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Note: This document was published in 2022 and uses the word stakeholder to reference the different parties connected to the outcomes of a situation or decision.

Since using the term, we as an organization have learned more about the origins of this word and its original uses. We want to acknowledge this history and communicate our desire to change which we are still developing as an organization.