Chapter 4: Shared Measurement

A rigorous commitment to identify and track your progress against an agreed-upon set of shared measures is one of the defining features that distinguish Collective Impact from other forms of collaboration. Beyond agreement on some small number of population-level indicators that your Collective Impact effort intends to impact, the condition of shared measurement also implies that the Collective Impact initiative has established systems for gathering and analyzing data regularly. Further, there are established processes in place that provide those engaged in the implementation of a Collective Impact effort to “make sense” of changes in indicators, and what the implications of that sense-making are for our strategy.

Collective Impact Tools

Each chapter's primary tools are fundamental resources designed to help grow a more complete understanding of each stage of Collective Impact. Start your journey in this chapter by reviewing each of the primary tools. Once this is complete, you can move on to the secondary and diving deeper resources to help gain a better grasp of specific elements that have been introduced.



Diving Deeper